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Our Clients

Our Services

  • Security For Banks
  • Security For Corporate
  • Security For Factories
  • Security For Hotels
  • Fire Fighting
  • Event Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Security For Offices
  • Security For ATM
  • Industrial Security
  • Training to Security Personal
  • Cash Escorting
  • Dog Squad
  • Patrolling
  • Personal Guards
  • Body Guards
  • Commondos
  • Security For Home
  • Supply Of Man Powers
  • Civil Security
  • Investigation & Detection
  • Electronic Surveillance System
  • Currency Chest Services
  • Ceremonial Security Arrangement Wedding.

Why Choose MIS

With safety and security concerns, choosing the wrong security company could RISK the safety of your staff, customers, visitors and financial profits! While potentially causing expensive attorney and lawsuit expenses, serious insurance liabilities and might damage your company's image for years, if the security guards actions or response to an incident is negligent. To protect your investments and personnel choose a security company without careless officer training, poor management, or any other negative qualities.

Quality and value at Competitive Rates

Our management group has a successful combination of highly innovative administrative structure, decades of experience to select and train our security officers going beyond industry standards and provide ethical business practices, so you receive quality at reasonable rates! We want to provide valuable protection for your personal and benefit your business prosperity. The following are some key reasons, why to choose Mumbai Intelligence Security.


Our innovative attitude and efforts provides you both the quality and pricing for affordable rates, without sacrificing officer quality. For example, we offer and implement a variety of leading edge technology to improve security and safety, while increasing convenience for our clients. Furthermore, we are continuously developing our human resources information to improve our staffing needs and client relations with new ideas.


When a business lacks efficient administration they higher operating costs and then pass on the expense to you, or the quality of officer performance suffers (increasing your liabilities!). Mumbai Intelligence Security. has valuable administration experience from diverse backgrounds that we apply to the security industry for better overall results, so we deliver the values to you.


We have experience all across India, Our management has worked in the front line security positions and experienced all varieties of incidents and emergencies from violent assaults. To conclude, working with all types of people relative environments like years of social work and counseling has allowed the unique skills of public relation and customer service to assist your staff for your business success!

Selection and Training

We spend more time selecting and training our security officers and guards, with regards to the future picture; this profits Mumbai Intelligence Security. and you as well. When low standard selection and training occurs, security guards will need more frequent replacement and the lower guard quality will over time diminish repeat client service. This also increases liabilities and compromises on necessary safety and security for our clients. "ABOVE INDUSTRY STANDARDS": we strive to utilize our education, experience, and skills to be above the industry standards.

Mr. Ajay Tripathi (Director)

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